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Chasing Tornadoes and Dreams

The Chasing Tornadoes and Dreams series felt like each painting became like a diary or journal entry.  For the first time, I allowed the work to change, drift and evolve, as needed.  As events unfolded in my own life, the paintings then became metaphorical representations of the experiences.  I used images that I was drawn to and didn't necessarily have a plan for the allegorical element within the work.

The children's imagery came from my daughter's drawings as a three-year-old and my interest in how Zoe saw the world as a young child, with a sense of naivete, enthusiasm, and purity.  She wasn't bound by the knowledge of the anatomy of a bird, the laws of gravity, or even the color of the sky.  She drew how she wanted it to be.  I tried to capture some of this freedom by using her interpretations of dogs, cats, houses, flowers, suns, and birds in my work.

I enjoy the juxtaposition between Zoe's viewpoint and the complexity of my own world (that sometimes I become lost in).  These facets collide to create this body of work, which changed as external influences changed my life


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