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Online Courses and In-Person Workshops

I am designing a series of online courses and in-person workshops.  Each session will guide participants through a variety of painting techniques.  I am currently putting together an interest list.  If you have a desire to participate in either the online courses or in-person workshops, please indicate your interest in the form below.  Please include preferred subject areas, in addition to whether you would prefer online or in-person.

WORKSHOP COST - $295 for 2 days (9am-3pm)


 *Finding ideas

 *How to effectively use a sketchbook (Learn to express yourself,

    find ideas, represent your personal story and concepts visually)

 *How to paint landscapes

 *How to paint figures

 *How to paint abstract works

 *How to paint abstract works using mixed media

 *Effectively use glazes in acrylics or oil paints

 *How to varnish paintings acrylics or oils

 *Shooting digital pictures

 *Making stretcher bars and stretching canvases

 *Learn economic ways to frame paintings on wood with minimal

     amount of tools

 *Making wooden frames

 *Creating a portfolio

 *Setting up your own studio

 *Approaching galleries



What are your future plans for art?

  (Hobbies, galleries, professional goals, unsure at this time…)                                                                                                  


What would you like to learn first?                                                                                                                                                                                                  


What artists or styles are your favorite?                                                                                                                                                                                          

Online Courses and In-Person Workshops Interest List

Thank you for your interest!

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