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Perception and Consequence

After the humbling realization that I was not a philosopher and I didn't have anything new or enlightening to say about the world around me, I decided to paint emotions rather than complex stories or issues.  My struggle then became concerned more with how to capture specific emotions or feelings through a still image.  Not just happy, sad, or angry, but emotions that were layered with other feelings, making them more of a composite of several emotions and a better reflection of how the human animal actually thinks and feels.

The backgrounds are based on the landscape surrounding me in my hometown of Roseville, California.  I used my artistic license to make the cliffs taller, the trees more dense, and the colors more like the Baroque paintings of Caravaggio and Rembrandt.  These changes help me de-emphasize the complexity of the landscape, leaving the work with a focus on the feeling rather than on an academic or informative appearance.


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