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In the Studio

My art studio is located in my home in Roseville, California.  It's 26'X11', with 11' ceilings. It may not be the biggest studio, but it is a great size for keeping clean!  And it only takes one incense stick to make the whole space smell like a working studio.  I have everything in the studio I need to paint, stretch canvases, and frame my artwork.  I also added airlines a few years ago, for sculpture tools and airbrushes, which has added a new dimension to my work space.  Fun stuff!

I love being in the studio, painting, listening to music, or simply looking through art books.  My wife, Michelle, enjoys the space along with me, working on art related 
projects and keeping my website up to date.  


For me, the studio serves as a conceptual playground, as I allow my work to change, drift, and evolve as it needs to.  As events unfold in my own life, the paintings become a metaphorical representation of those experiences.


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